Friday, May 11, 2018

Non Chronological Report.

Non Chronological Report.

This is my Non Chron  report. We have been learning about how to write a non Chron report. I found it quite hard. When I had a session with the teacher I understand it all a lot better than I did. I found It difficult because I’m used to writing stories.

On the way to Middle high school we stop at the dairy to get a drink and a snack because it’s a long way until we get there.We are in lincoln the school is in darfield so thats a we while away but while we are still driving I’ll tell you all about the shoes. So  to start off with I will describe the shoes,you can get them in different colours like purple, blue, red, and green those are the kids colours.I’ll tell you all the adults sizes and colours soon. First I’ll finish the kids sizes and stuff .The sizes for the kids are sizes 1 to 9.The prices are 80$.Now the adults so colours are red

This is how much I have improved .

Flash to dash
Flash to dash is a sneaker that has been designed for running. It was designed by Bridget Moir,Who has dreamed to design a shoe or somthing like that.Made on January 2005 we got 32 children to tryal the shoe for 3 weeks. We will also report how much they like it.


The Flash to dash is a really well waterproof shoe.This is a unique shoe because it is really easy to put on. And is really suitable for running because if the owner rolls there ankle the owner will not get get injured or break any thing or sprain anything.The sole is made out of rubber really comfortable rubber.

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