Thursday, November 15, 2018

Strike day

This week we only had 3 days of school so I dont realy have anything to tell you about. Here is my writing so far. I have not finished the story yet but here you go. I hope you can please give me some feed back on how I can improve. What do you think that the 3 friends will do next?

Friday, November 9, 2018

Mrs spragg Came back!

Wednesday Mrs spragg Came back. If you dont know mrs spragg is my teacher. She went on a huge trip. She went to Europe and visted Wales, England, Disney land in Paris and Spain. Mrs Spraggs trip was 3 months long but when mrs spragg came back she snuck in to class while we were in scilence then it was loud realy quickly. I'm excited to have her back next week to teach us. Sorry about not having much I was stuck on what to do. Please comment on what you want me to post next? Here is some photos.


Sailing recount 2018

Here is my sailing recount we whent sailing last friday here it is.

Sailing recount 2018

There was a awesomeness filled day last Friday, we went to Lake Rura for sailing. It was a pleasant  relaxed and warm day. We started off the day with a talk at school. Then we boarded the bus and left, for Lake Rua.

Rushing to get off the bus we bounded out the door and raced over to where we put our bags away. Then we got a little tutorial. Then away we went we started putting the boat together. We had to get into groups of 2 or 3. Eventually we had put the boats together. After that we had a food break. Then we got taught how too turn the boat on land. Then we learnt more about the boat. How too control the boat as well. Then we had lunch and after eating our lunch we played.

While we were playing the instructors were pulling the boats over too the other side, of the lake.  So they are ready to go on the boats after lunch break. Then  it was time too go sailing not onland but on the water. I enjoyed the ride well  not really. Everyone had too have 2 goes but I didn't because everyone else went first. Eben and Louis had a shipwreck not quite a shipwreck but they tipped over. Eben cut his leg on the boat motor. Louis is fine he didn't cut his leg. The sailing trip was a bit of a drama filled day. But when louis and eben flipped I was glad that I didn't do that.  

After we got dressed we all got on the bus. After that we were leaving as everyone realized that the gate was locked and the instructor had left with the keys. Luckily my dad was with us on the day. Because dad had all his tools with him and dad was going too cut it but I don't know how we got out in the end but we did. Because the guy came with the key and he unlocked the gate.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

My writing what I have done well

I first rode about 2 ½ years ago. I fell off when I first ever rode since then I hated horses. But now I adore them. I have got my own horse now and I have improved lots. I find it funny that where I first rode we used to keep Isla’s ponies there. But now our ponies live in a different place. I think that I have stood out of my comfort zone lots of times. But if I didn't meet Jo my life would have been a lot more miserable. Just like this rainy day at school, I would be at the paddocks hugging my pony just sitting there brushing her. Carly is my pony's name. Carly and I have entered our first show about a month ago. Now I just need too improve my heels down and posting Carly is trotting and now I just need to get Carly to trot over the poles not jump. And I want to go too more pony clubs, shows and pony camp I do pony camp every holiday. GOAL  I want to learn to jump by the end of 2019.

I know that My writing is not too good but I tried. Please give feedback about what I can write I have improved my recount throughout the term by, trying to write more by trying not improving by much.

Friday, October 26, 2018


Hello, Again
Earlier in the week, I posted about Wearable art. Today I am obviously posting about Reading. At the start of the term, we started a new reading program. The new program was pretty much the same as the last one. This term we need to glue the reading sheet into our scrapbook. Then we have set questions about the story to answer. Please comment because I didn't know what else to put in.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wearable art

 Hey, Bloggers welcome back to my blog. Today I am posting about Wearable Art, Wearable Art is pretty awesome, except for the part where you have to recycle, stuff to make with. I don't like it because you have to recycle a whole body outfit with very little. Up above there is a slide and some of it like the letter part as not been done so I will show you with the end product.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Hard maths turns easy!

Hi, Peps This week I have had to do maths and I found it hard like very very hard but in the end, it is the simplest math. With the first one, it is 37mm=? and you just need to add a dot /. I did this all + another slide in 2 days
How do you think I did? 
Can you give me feedback?