Thursday, April 11, 2019

Last home learning of term

Hello Bloggers, Its me again, This week I will do the last home learning blog post with you. Below I will put what the last blog is.
I have made another biteable for you guys the link is below if you have somthing diffrent for me to use I can. Like diffrent apps and stuff just comment that down below.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Student Summit 2019!

Hello Bloggers, 
Today I whent to the Student Summit. Today we whent of to  Hornby High school to do the Student Summit thing. When we got there we sat down on a big court not out side but inside. Then most of you guys should know Morgan Kelsy she ran the Student Summit today. We had to fill in a form that had what classes we wanted to be in. I picked Biteable, Google Drawings and Coding I will put the linkes of all of them below and you can go and try them all out.
I will insert my Drawing that I did My biteable is above I cant show you my Coding. SO......................
I hope you enjoyd my blog because I enjoyed doing the blog post. See you next week.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Home/school learning. #biteable

This week I did a biteable for this homelearing, I learnt how to do this last week at school. This week I choose to do
Because it was one of two left to do so I saved the moon one to last. You might be thinking about what the moon means. You will have to wait to next week. Here is my biteable below. I hope you like it I can do more than that. But that is all for this week. You might need your head phones. Link

Wonder work up on the window

Hello Bloggers, I have chosen to blog about my wonder work that the teacher has put up on the window. Today when I was working on my wonder work I realised that the teacher had left a comment. I read it,  I was suprised that it said that she has put my work on the window. I had a look for my work that was on the window. Here is the teachers comment and my work that was put up on the window. Comment down below if you would like to see more of my wonder work. See if you can spot the word Positive in my word art. I hope you enjoyed my work.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

A Big Accident

Yesterday I wrote a story for school. Its where A little girl has a
wheelchair and she crashes. I find it funny how I had a crash
too on the same day I wrote this. I don't have a wheelchair.
I was riding my pony at 2:30 and I was jumping 30cm. Then
I fell of and broke my collarbone. Please comment down
below and tell me how you think I did.

Dear Diary, today it was a pleasant day to sit in the park
so I did. When I got there I sat on the bench I saw a
beautiful blue butterfly I giggled. The sun peeked through
the trees as the butterfly flutters around me I laughed.
Suddenly I put my finger out, the butterfly came closer
and closer until it sat on my finger. I giggled a bit too
loudly that the butterfly flew away in a big gust of wind.
On the bench beside me sat my school stuff. I looked
over there I saw a  blue piece of paper. I decided too
neatly make a paper butterfly. Clutching too the
piece of paper so it did not blow away. Gently I
folded the paper. I was delightedly dreaming during
playing with the paper butterfly as I flew it through the sky.

Disappointed I kicked a stone. Skipping across the
ground the stone hit something. Next minute the
ground is rumbling, I get a good hold of the seat.
Only if my butterfly did not fly into the tree, I would
not of kicked the stone. Finally the rumbling
stopped I let go I looked up There was a big
old building I had no idea what I just did. I text
my nanna too come pick me up from the park
because I was racing home through the park but
I hit a hole in my wheelchair. Ok I admit I should
not of been racing through there. All of a sudden I
flipped the wheelchair and I can't get to it. So I crawled
too the closet char too sit on. While I waited for nanna.

After a while I saw a movement in the building. I started
to freak out. Then I rang nanna. I told her too hurry up.
Finally she was there at the beginning of the park. I
sighed, she started walking towards where I described.
In the distance I could see her. Waddling slowly over too
me she picked me up. Then she flung me over her shoulder.
Kerplunk I feel into my wheelchair. Nanna was shocked. Nanna
pushed me home I had fun. When I got home I pushed myself
too my room. Then parked up and got my pen and wrote what my
day had been like.  

Monday, March 25, 2019


Hi bloggers again, This week I choose to do black and white where we have to
I have quickly made up a slide for what colours l wold miss.

Colour Your Day

Hey Bloggers, Today I am going to be blogging about Colour Your Day. I wore a bight colourful dress in pastle colours. When we got to school we had to put down our money on the coin trail. I just put $2 but I wanted to put some more down. Some people put $5 and $10 as well as $20 I think. Here are some of the things that we did. I left at luch so I did not do something.